Children benefit from an enriching and challenging education as they follow a broad and balanced program based on the NCERT/GSERT Curriculum.

The whole syllabus is divided into 2 sections

  1. Term -I      From June to October
  2. Term -II      From November to April

The assessments are done in CCE pattern which is widely known as Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation they are divided into Formative and Summative assessment respectively.

FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT: There are two F.A. in each term Formative Assessment consists of teaching methods like project, chart, quiz, group discussion, has check list, oral work, practical work, assignments etc.

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT: This is done after the completions of each term and are termed as SA-I and SA-2. This is done to map the learning of the student has learned after teaching. It includes multiple choice questions, short long answered questions, fill in the blanks, graph, map work, essay, letter, story etc.

Evaluation is process of self reflection for student and educator both we conduct in the form of assessment as: